From May 23rd till May 26th Panama Pictures, company of the Verkadefabriek, will present Urban Fiction. This performance can be seen between the striking buildings and silos at the Werkwarenhuis. An interdisciplinary expedition in which dance, circus, visuals, sound and music come together in a unique way.

New generation of performers
For this production, Panama Pictures challenges a new generation in the performing and audiovisual arts to discover the possibilities of the industrial surrounding and to surprise the spectator with a new type of work.

Interdisciplinary tour
Urban Fiction takes the visitor on an interdisciplinary journey through various locations on the Tramkade, with the Werkwarenhuis as the central point. Exciting short scenes around circus disciplines such as trapeze, rope, Chinese pole and partner acrobatics combined with dance, come together into a narrative about the fluidity of modern life inspired by the work of sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.

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