We’re worried.

Last Thursday, the new coalition of North Brabant presented the administrative agreement for the next four years. Culture was hidden away under ‘free time’, a delegate for culture has disappeared and in the coming years culture subsidies will be reduced ‘towards the new normal after 2023’ – whatever that means…

That’s harsh and feels disrespectful towards many theatre makers and composers, writers and choreographers, visual artists and dancers who for years have made a positive contribution to the flourishing cultural and creative climate in Noord-Brabant, and thus to the economic attractiveness and growing employment here.

We, Panama Pictures, are one of the companies in Brabant that look at this bizarre development with great fear because we are structurally subsidized by the province. But above all because other subsidies from central government and municipalities are based on that regional contribution: the significance for Brabant partly determines that support. Less of the province is less of the national government and the municipalities…

Precisely at a time when we are already suffering from corona restrictions – but also experience the power of art and culture on a daily basis (try to imagine these days without books, music, films) – this feels like useless destruction of capital. It destroys the cultural life, a carefully constructed Brabant sector is in danger of being sacrificed  by short-sightedness.

Responsible for this are parties who, in their election promises, stated that ‘institutions that are a permanent part of the cultural infrastructure should be granted a subsidy for a longer period of time’ (CDA), who felt that ‘cultural activities that have a regional, national and even international character can count on support from the province’ (VVD) and who promised ‘a generous subsidy of sports and cultural expressions in all sorts of areas, from traditional guilds to experimental theatre’ (Lokaal Brabant).

Panama Pictures resists these cynical plans and broken promises.

And we ask you to support us.

You can do so by signing the petition and express your opinion on www.ikwilwelcultuur.nl. By asking CDA-, VVD- or Lokaal Brabant-members in your circle of acquaintances to raise their voices. And of course, by continuing to visit Panama Pictures as soon as possible.

In these ways we hope to preserve what is existing: a beautiful province with a lively artistic and cultural climate and our unique dance/circus company ‘that has enriched Brabant with stimulating performances of unprecedented eloquence’ (Prins Bernhard Cultuurprijs).