This is how we experienced the message from the Performing Arts Fund (FPK) that we received last week.

Despite a positive evaluation and the advice to continue supporting Panama Pictures, it became clear that the FPK cannot honor our application for 2021 – 2014. Reason: the Fund has much less to spend, because a substantial part of their budget (€ 8.6 million) was transferred by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science earlier this year to the BIS, the network of cultural facilities that are indispensable according to the government.

The FPK is there to enable the artistic development of theater makers and musicians, allowing the performing arts to continue innovating. It is obvious that this is necessary – after all, what are the arts without innovation? But now, there is significantly less money for doing so. And Panama Pictures suffers as a result, with around seventy more applicants.

A disappointment and difficult to digest. The advice spoke of our ‘productions with a unique form’ and ‘a clear stimulating role for the development of the genre’ and yet Panama Pictures received no financial appreciation, because the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has not made sufficient funding available.

We are now looking into whether and how we can make up for this shortfall. In the meantime, we hope that the House of Representatives will come to realize that a multifaceted and fertile cultural landscape can only (continue to) flourish with broader support. Especially in these times full of restrictions due to Covid 19.