As of January 2021 Mieke Lamar resigns her duties as business leader at Panama Pictures. From 2008 she was intensively involved in the development of Panama Pictures; from 2017 she was, next to Pia Meuthen, co-director of the company.

Under the inspiring leadership of Pia Meuthen and Mieke Lamar, Panama Pictures evolved in a relatively short period of time from a small flexible organization to an outstanding company with a unique language in which dance, circus and live music merge.

Through the clear artistic and organizational choices Panama Pictures managed to conquer its own place in the national and international theater landscape and is included in the structural subsidy of the Performing Arts Fund, Province of Noord-Brabant and Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

With a great deal of dedication, commitment and knowledge Mieke Lamar managed to lay a solid foundation for the policy and position of the current company Panama Pictures.

Marc Jonkers

Chairman of the Board of Panama Pictures