We are very pleased with the advice given by the Adviescommissie BrabantStad Cultuur (Subsidieregeling hedendaagse cultuur Noord-Brabant and Subsidieregeling professionele kunsten ‘s-Hertogenbosch). The committee advises that the subsidy applied by Panama Pictures for the period 2021 – 2024 should be honored fully.

Within the four criteria Panama Pictures was judged extremely positive.

About the artistic quality the committee writes a.o. ‘The artistic vision of Panama Pictures has a consistent high level and a poetic and rich visual character… The dialogue between dance, circus and often architecture and music is stimulating and distinctive’.

About the Business Quality is stated, a.o. that ‘there is great drive and entrepreneurship expressed in the application with a clear long-term vision and many relevant collaborative partners’. In ‘Publiekswerking’, the committee states, that it ‘appreciates the current audience numbers and mix and has confidence in the development of the audience’.

Panama Pictures fulfils ‘an important role’ in the Brabant cultural infrastructure and gives a boost to young talent with its Associated Artist Program’. The company has sustainable collaborations with other cultural parties in Den-Bosch and Brabant and adds color to the Brabant cultural field with its hybrid, distinctive signature and wide audience.’

Plenty of reason to celebrate this at Panama Pictures, right now. If the advice is confirmed, it offers us sufficient (financial) space to realize the challenging productions and plans we have in store for the coming years.

In mid-November the Province of Noord-Brabant and the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch will decide on the final granting.