Very happy. And incredibly proud we are. Because we have been nominated no less than twice for a VSCD Zwaan, the renowned dance awards of the VSCD! 

Our performance Tipping Point has been crowned one of the three most impressive dance productions of 2024.

‘With poetic movement performances in which acrobatics and dance merge with composition and image, Panama Pictures is a unique addition to the Dutch dance field. ‘Tipping Point is a highlight of its oeuvre,’ the jury wrote.

Our performer Tarek Rammo was nominated for the most impressive dance performance in Tipping Point.

‘Tarek Rammo couples fabulous physical skills with a great sense of theatre,’ the jury said.  

Moreover, Milky Way by Maas theatre and dance was nominated for the Jonge Zwaan, for the most impressive youth dance production; Pia Meuthen was responsible for its final direction.

‘Imagination and humour are given ample scope in this production, which is well thought-out on all fronts’. (Jury VSCD)