Somewhere; close is a danced roadmovie that takes us to places that seem to be close by and familiar but might exist on the edge of reality.

Poetic roadmovie

A poetic and layered performance in which dance and acrobatics merge to become one language, inspired by the short stories of Dutch writer Maartje Wortel and the work of Australian illustrator and visual artist Shaun Tan.

Somewhere; close focuses on the search for a place where one belongs. The characters, all separated from the place they grew up, are strangers for each other, longing for contact, intimacy and recognition. They try to establish a relationship with each other and the place where they are staying, but a hidden feeling of alienation never vanishes. Somewhere; close is a compelling performance that examines social codes, where everyday movement evolves into poetic dance material and acrobatics test the boundary with dance.

An appealing and filmic performance in a dusty, desolated no man’s land

Brabants Dagblad