At Panama Pictures, we find it important to pass on our knowledge and inspiration, encourage artistic exchange, initiate new developments, make room for young creators and provide space for a multi-voiced practice.

To this end, from January 2024 we will develop (supported by Brabant C) House of Panama, a place where young, talented circus makers can professionalise and get room for in-depth work. We encourage research and artistic exchange and provide business, technical and production support.

The makers keep their own identity and further develop their own signature. Our artistic team, our performers and our organisation offer tailor-made guidance, reflect on choices, answer questions and are open to new ideas and insights.

House of Panama will be led by a broad artistic council, including performers from Panama Pictures, our associated artists and Pia. The council will determine the criteria for selection, programme, core values and the direction of the house with collective decision-making, with dramaturge Guido Jansen coordinating and facilitating the dialogue.

In House of Panama, a number of permanent makers (associated artists) will soon work regularly on research and (co-)production. And young talents fly in and out for a residency or workshop(s). Continuous deepening, renewal and rejuvenation in a dynamic environment.

House of Panama is founded on six pillars:

– We support our associated artists and engage in co-productions with them.
– We facilitate residencies of young circus artists, offering customised artistic and business support if required.
– We organise ‘labs’ for the content development of the genre and workshops to transfer knowledge.
– We organise in our studio the ‘mini-festival’ Days of Panama, as an important presentation moment of work-in-progress by our residents and associated artists.
– We initiate exchanges with foreign countries.
– We offer business and marketing advice to young creators.