Are you also creating work at the intersection of circus and dance and looking for a residency?

Under the wings of Panama Pictures, professional students of dance and circus studies and young professional makers can develop further. We offer them our studio for a period of five to ten days. If required, Pia Meuthen or one of the performers will guide you in the search for your own language and coach you in developing your own work.

Panama Pictures has collaborated with Sam Rhyner, Duo Meraki (Henrike Lechler and Riccardo Marracini), Mica Castrillo Vargas & Itzel Sadoval, Rhea Slootweg, Monika Palova, Framing Effect, Fenja Barteldres, Fabian Krestel, Why not (Marjolein Vogels), TeaTime Company and Julian Vogel, among others.

In addition, we regularly work with dance and circus students on (adaptations of) our performances. In 2022, for instance, we made an adapted The Future is not what it used to be with Fontys ACaPA students, a number of them featured in Trails and Traces and, with fourteen students, we will bring a large-scale XL version of Vanishing Point to a number of theatres in spring 2023.