In 2018, Panama Pictures will collaborate with the Preparatory Training Contemporary Dance in Den Bosch (Vooropleiding Hedendaagse Dans). The VHD students will be introduced to the working method and movement language of the company. In the months of January and February performer Francesco Barba will teach repertory classes and develop together with the students a short choreography that will be on shown on the 24th of February in theatre Perron 3 in Rosmalen and on the 25th of February in theatre Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch.

Subsequently, the students will be immersed in the new performance of Panama Pictures in the autumn of 2018. They will attend rehearsals, engage in conversation with the performers and will be guests at the first try-outs. Inspired by the theme of the new performance, the students will make their own work afterwards under the guidance of Andrea Beugger.