Six men aged between 20 and 60 allow us an intimate glimpse into their mutual relationships. In different episodes, Portraits and short stories portrays the bond between brothers, fathers and sons focusing on how their relationships change with the passing of time. How do they deal with growing up, growing apart and becoming older? It is a coming-of-age story where youthful bravado alternates with moments of vulnerability.

On rope, Chinese pole and the trampoline, the men brave the pull of gravity and dance flows seamlessly with acrobatic mastery. With Portraits and short stories choreographer Pia Meuthen weaves dance and circus into a poignant visual story. The performance is carried by the personality of her charismatic performers; an international cast of dancers and acrobats with varying ages and backgrounds. Three generations searching for what family ties and getting older means to them.


With a movement language that is playful, at times full of risk, expressive and based on the power of the male body, but above all: unique.