Welcome to the Road to Panama 20/21. Take a seat on stage, enjoy a drink and a snack. Meet the performers of Panama Pictures alongside emerging talents as they present an energetic mix of artistic and acrobatic acts.

Feel them swing above your head, experience their physical commitment, taste the excitement and become part of an exceptional adventure. Road to Panama is a spectacular journey beyond the boundaries of dance and circus. An intimate experience that touches and surprises, with three brand new pieces – each unique sphere and story.

In the rope-act Sometimes it’s not your fault, Fynn Neb and Crispin Bade are having a tense showdown in the air. Balancing on ropes, they challenge each other, test each other’s confidence and find each other – from still to explosive, from alone to together.

Nothing is what it seems in A perfect deal. Like shady bankers, the juggling men-in-suit Francesco Barba, Cal Courtney and Fabian Krestel conjure up juggling balls and make them appear and disappear again. From close they manipulate your perception. Are they each other’s accomplices or opponents? Charlatans or companions?

The new acrobatic duet by Francesco Barba and Tarek Rammo is intense and powerful. With their exceptional partnering technique, they become as one body, creating a gripping and sensational reality in which gravity seems to have disappeared forever.