Let your senses warm up during the ‘Sensory Lecture’ to which you are cordially invited at 7.45 pm on October the 24th at the Verkadefabriek prior to our performance Requiem for Lost Things.

Guido Jansen presents a range of examples from the arts and media, which in their own way give image, form and taste to the theme of ‘remembering and forgetting’. He takes you into the diversity of these art forms and prepares your senses to discover for yourself how Requiem for Lost Things gives meaning to this.

About Guido Jansen
Guido Jansen is a researcher and dramaturge. He graduated in theater studies at Utrecht University and worked there as a junior lecturer in Media and Culture. At the moment he is working as a freelancer for festivals where he coordinates side programs for a.o. SPRING Performing Arts festival and IMPAKT Festival, and he is working on his own research on game dramaturgy.