Were you there two years ago, when Panama Pictures and Verkadefabriek opened the new season with a series of wonderful evenings? We are again taking part in the new edition of De laatste zomeravond (The Last Summer Evening). This time the edition is supported by MATZER.

While the low evening sun is shining, the spectators eat in the courtyard and lift their glasses. Then they continue their journey through various places in and around the Verkadefabriek. Panama Pictures presents an intimate aerial straps act performed by Camille Judic and Camille Paycha. Sit back and let yourself be carried away by the performers who are circling above you in the sky, like clouds that drift past. There is also music: November Music takes you on an interdisciplinary operatic trip.

And then the journey goes inside to the new philosophical performance of MATZER: Stil de tijd. A hyper-contemporary theater play that sharply focuses on the feeling of losing yourself, by wanting and having to do more and more in less and less time. An invitation to relax, do nothing and enjoy time passing by.