We proudly look back on a beautiful premiere with enthusiastic reactions from spectators and the press. We are ready to start our tour now. Check our agenda for the current dates and we hope to meet you at one of our performances.

Review Theaterkrant Each time we fall, a city rises:

“Do you sometimes have the feeling that the world is a bit tilted in our time? That the area right under your feet, on which you do your best every day to find your balance, feels as if it’s shifting? So that you do just a little bit more your best to keep yourself together? Each Time We Fall, A City Rises, gives that feeling”.

“Choreographer Pia Meuthen and her team have continued to perfect their mix of circus and dance until, in a kind of hand-to-hand dance, the interplay of men has become a continuous whole of steps, positioning, intention, timing and acrobatics. But instead of a “clean” continuous line all the way to the fingertips, every movement here is steeped in the power needed for circus work”.

Review from Movement Exposed:

Meuthen and the performers make smart use of their combined dance and circus backgrounds (Panama Pictures’ slogan is ‘where dance meets circus’) without the circus part getting too gimmicky”, 

If there is one thing that stands out most in Each time we fall, a city rises, it is the sense of togetherness in this group. (…) It touches on one of the most fundamental elements in circus performance: trust”.