Positive news for Panama Pictures: Pia Meuthen is one of the seven chosen participants in Fast Forward, a prestigious multiyear programme of the Performing Arts Fund that gives participants the chance to boost their international career and artistic development.

Curator Viktorien van Hulst (director Theaterfestival Boulevard) selected the seven makers. “This programme enables them to make a significant stride in their artistic development, in an international context. I expect that the programme will give a valuable boost to their career. With Fast Forward 2 we are not only investing in their development but also in a professional practice.”

Pia Meuthen is looking forward to working with partners in Canada. “By working with specialised production companies in Montreal, we will have the opportunity to further develop both our artistic and technical knowledge. For example, they have a lot of experience with complex rigging and with working at great heights. Thanks to the Fast Forward programme, we can further investigate these technical possibilities and developments.”