We informed you earlier that our business director Mieke Lamar quit at Panama Pictures at the end of December 2020. We have found a very experienced and competent new business director after a careful procedure. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, our intended candidate cannot start yet.

The Supervisory Board and director Pia Meuthen decided to appoint an interim business manager. We are very happy to have found a very experienced person for this position as well, who already knows Panama Pictures very well: Ellen Blom. Ellen was already working for us in the field of internationalization since July 2020. Therefore, she knows our organization and she is familiar with our work. Ellen will start in January as interim business leader.

Finally, we consider ourselves fortunate that Mieke Lamar, in this exceptional situation, is willing to take care of the transfer of her tasks to Ellen Blom in January.

We, the Supervisory Board, are confident that with these solutions the continuity and stability of our company will be guaranteed.

All that remains is for me to wish you all an enormously loving and beautiful 2021!

On behalf of Pia Meuthen and the Supervisory Board of Panama Pictures,

Marc Jonkers,