Panama Pictures brings an ‘extended version’ of Vanishing Point at Theaters Tilburg, Meervaart Theater, Parktheater Eindhoven, Stadsschouwburg Groningen, Deventer Schouwburg and Verkadefabriek.

With fourteen dance and circus students from Fontys Dance Academy and ACaPA, we add a young generation of twenties to the intimate story about transience.

Like untamable youth claiming a place, they occasionally occupy the stage completely. This makes the group scenes even grander and more spectacular, the contrast between swirling dynamics and fragile stillness even greater, the physical quest even more intense.

The students are Salomé Maria Manz, Antonin Lebon, Anika Baines, Magdalena Riegler, Soete Declercq, María Sierra Carrión, Dagmar van Dijk, Sophie André, Jamie De Heus, Amber Scheepmaker, Teresa Moquenco Costa, Carolina Fernandes Wilkinson and Chiara Scharler.