On Friday 26 January (5pm), Ana Jordão, in collaboration with Vincent Kollar, will show a work-in-progress presentation of A Body And Other Objects, at Panama Pictures’ studio. Ana Jordão is artist-in-residence in our talent development programme House of Panama.

What if we set aside everything we know about the body? Just to rediscover the pleasure and amazement of exploring its possibilities and everything it contains?

A Body And Other Objects redefines the human body in both matter and object, challenging perceptions and blurring the line between animate and inanimate. Through the symbolic use of suspension, the performance explores themes of agency, gender, manipulation and freedom within constraints. The piece shows a dynamic interplay between human bodies and various objects, creating surreal scenarios that reinforce the unique qualities of both.

Ana’s movement language includes hanging by the hair, partnering, hand-to-hand, martial arts and object work; offering an innovative and thought-provoking experience that crosses the boundaries between body and object.

You are welcome on Friday 26 January from 4.45pm; the presentation will last about 45 minutes and start at 5pm, after which there will be a short feedback discussion and drinks. You sign up by sending an email to Ana Jordão.

Address studio Panama Pictures: De Beverspijken 5c, 5221 EE ‘s-Hertogenbosch

photo: Jakub Dušek