Join us on the road with Panama Pictures. In a completely new version of Road to Panama, charismatic performers take you on an adventurous journey through intimate duets and exciting solos. Join us at the frontier of dance and circus, on the way to new encounters that will move and surprise you.

Evening with friends

Road to Panama is like a night out with friends. It is a warm encounter, enjoyable but with the sharpness of a good conversation. Tonight Panama Pictures presents three new pieces in which theatrical dance performances are interspersed with compelling circus disciplines in the air and on the ground. Young talents trained at the circus academy ACaPA in Tilburg meet the company performers of Panama Pictures in this dynamic show.

New setting

Road to Panama is an innovative concept with which Panama Pictures already captivated her audience in previous seasons. The evening consists of an eclectic mix of short artistic and acrobatic acts, energetic and light in tone. After adventures in the Clubzaal, the Kleine Zaal of the Verkadefabriek is now transformed so that you, as a visitor, are completely immersed in the performance and within arm’s reach of the dancers. A unique setting! Let yourself be carried away and discover a new world of dance, circus and theater.