Everything is constantly in motion. Nothing ever remains the same although not every change is perceptible. We can’t stop the clock. The hours often slip by, but at other times they seem elastic. We are afraid of losing time..

But does time pass, do the hours exist outside ourselves?

With The Future is not what it used to be, choreographer Pia Meuthen and her performers create a physical and sensory performance about the mystery of time. They show our desire of man to create cohesion in a fragmented world, to hold onto the past, to get a grip on the future and be immersed into the moment.

The Future is not what it used to be is an ode to the uncertain and unfinished, to ‘in the making’ and not yet determined.

Floating objects form a surreal and poetic universe. The performers balance high in the air on crumbling fragments, solidified in time. Holding each other above the gaping abyss, they unravel the relationship between time and gravity and enter the void. Beyond all certainties, they embrace risk and play with our perception of time.

Panama Pictures’ work literally ascends in the air in The Future is not what it used to be. The movement language combines strength and vulnerability and evokes a physical response in the audience. You feel the impact of the movements, the risk is real, something is at stake.

Like no other company, Panama Pictures knows how to weave dance with acrobatics and live music into an immersive mix. The movement in The Future is not what it used to be is accompanied live by a new exciting composition by regular composers Strijbos & van Rijswijk in collaboration with musician and performer Davide Bellotta.


choreografie: Pia Meuthen

dans/acrobatiek: Francesco Barba, Davide Bellotta, Raphaël Billet, Tarek Rammo, Nicolai Untch

livemuziek: Davide Bellotta

compositie: Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, Davide Bellotta

scenografie: Sammy van den Heuvel

kostuumontwerp: Sanne Reichert

lichtontwerp: Bart Verzellenberg

dramaturgie: Angelique Willkie

assistentie & training: Miquel de Jong

dramaturgisch advies: Guido Jansen, Julian Vogel