Panama Pictures and Verkadefabriek celebrate the last days of summer with Trails and traces, a journey that stimulates all the senses.

The young, talented multidisciplinary collective TeaTime Company blurs the boundaries between circus and dance in a challenging game with a large metal spiral, full of subtle humour and expressive images.

Multi-artist Julian Vogel brings fragile objects such as ceramic diabolos and pendulums to life in his shimmering dance and circus performance and wonderful installations.

Panama Pictures defies gravity and caresses the eye with spectacular and vulnerable dance and acrobatics, interwoven with live electronic beats – close to the skin and compelling.

Trails and traces takes you on a special voyage of discovery through fascinating encounters and tasty treats. A cinematic adventure in which different worlds meet, in unexpected places indoors and out.

The apotheosis of a wonderful summer together.
And a prelude to a new, promising theatre season.

Will you discover it with us?