Panama Pictures and Verkadefabriek celebrate the last days of summer with Trails and Traces, an itinerary that stimulates all the senses.

During Trails and Traces, dance, circus, performance art and music merge into short poetic performances and installations, in surprising places in and around the entire Verkadefabriek.

Trails and Traces is a dynamic voyage of discovery with different flavours. You will walk from one special experience to the next, getting up close and personal with new worlds in unexpected locations. Along the way, we spoil you with original snacks and drinks.

The young, talented multidisciplinary collective TeaTime Company will blur the boundaries between circus and dance with a preview of their new creation Ripple, a challenging game with a large metal spiral, full of subtle humour and expressive images, in which a small impulse leads to a big result.

Multi-artist Julian Vogel will show part of his China Series, a blistering dance and circus performance in which he brings fragile objects such as ceramic diabolos and pendulums to life. On the Trails and Traces route, you will also encounter his wondrous installations that set the spaces in motion and manipulate your experience of time.

Panama Pictures defies gravity and shifts your perspective with Into thin air, a new performance on a sloping staircase high in the air. During Trails and Traces, the Verkadefabriek house company will also caress your eye with two short intimate performances – close to the skin and compelling.

In the meantime, the organic food producers of De Lekkere Man present you with small, delicious snacks.

And musician and composer Davide Bellotta interweaves solid electronic beats and atmospheric guitar music into a soundtrack that accompanies you on your journey.

Trails and Traces takes you on a two-hour journey past fascinating encounters and tasty treats, in five short performances and several small entre-acts with a total of twenty performers. Cultural and culinary indulgence, as the apotheosis of a wonderful summer together. And a prelude to a new, promising theatre season.

Will you discover it with us?