Since 2009, Panama Pictures has been using the Supervisory Board model, whereby the management process is in the hands of the two-man Management Board. The Supervisory Board has an involved and proactive attitude towards the Board of Directors and monitors and advises the management process.

The Supervisory Board is unpaid. The board members (artistic and business) are employed by the foundation. The company endorses and applies the principles of the Culture Governance Code.

Responsibility of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for the supervisory process. The supervisory process must guarantee that the administrative process runs smoothly and that the institution operates in accordance with its objectives.

Management accountability

The Executive Board is accountable for the plans, activities and finances of the institution. Accountability is given to the internal organisation, but also to external parties such as collaborating partners, subsidy providers and the public. The management provides the Board in a timely manner with all information necessary for the proper performance of its duties.

Working method/structure

The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board meet on the basis of a fixed agenda which, in addition to supervisory tasks, also relates to the preparation of accounts for the subsidy providers. Four meetings a year are convened for this purpose.

Of course, this schedule can be deviated from as soon as there are urgent developments. At least two council members must be present at each meeting. All meetings are recorded in writing by a minute taker.

Appointment period

The appointment period for Supervisory Board members is four years with the possibility of reappointment (maximum twice).

Schedule of resignations

Name                                                           Stepping down

Marlou Lauwen          August 2021        2025
Warren van Hoof       March 2015         2023
Paul Cornelissen        August 2019         2024
Patrick Cramers         August 2019         2024