We are immortal as long as we live.

In Vanishing Point, a cast of dancers and acrobats, ranging from their early thirties to their late sixties, unravels what it means to get older.

The past grows, the future shrinks. To what extent are you still the person you once were? There comes a time when you find yourself increasingly on the margins and the pulsating life seems to be elsewhere. The vulnerability of your body becomes tangible and everything slows down.

Vanishing Point is an intimate quest for transience. A poetic series of images with a great physical impact, about the desire to stop time. With as a dot on the horizon the Vanishing Point, where all our efforts converge. But where everything also disappears…

Vanishing Point takes place in a fragmented, architecturally designed space with round and straight walls, corners and passages that play with extreme perspectives and contrasts. A no man’s land where the performers disappear and appear, where they stagger, play with risks, defy fate. Where their bodies – climbing, hanging, balancing – falter and cannot be tamed.

Like no other company, Panama Pictures knows how to weave dance with acrobatics and live music into a compelling mix. The soundtrack to Vanishing Point is a new, exciting composition by house composers Strijbos & van Rijswijk and Davide Bellotta, starring a modular analogue synthesizer played live by Davide Bellotta and musician Budy Mokoginta; using its ‘old’, unpredictable technique, they bring new beats to life, combined with live guitar music and soundscapes.