Codarts Circus Arts, Rotterdam

What I like about being an acrobat is the joy I get from the physical movement. It is also a lot about overcoming fears and challenges and this is something that comes back in daily life which I find very valuable. Regarding the aerial work it might sound cliché but it feels great to fly, suspend and float in the air.

Panama Pictures
Go North, A Sense of Perspective, Stripped, Requiem for Lost Things, Road to Panama, Stripped, Each time we fall, a city rises, The Future is not what it used to be, The Weight of Water, Into thin air, Trails and Traces, Vanishing Point, The Man who fell from the sky, Tipping Point

o.a. Ulrike Quade Company, Danceworks Rotterdam, The 7 Fingers, Cirque du Soleil. Werkt momenteel ook aan eigen projecten, geeft les en coacht.

Zie hier hoe Tarek z’n dagen doorkwam tijdens de eerste lockdown.

Lees hier hoe Tarek, als ‘een acrobaat op ontdekkingsreis’, bij Panama Pictures terechtkwam.


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