With the Lecture for the Senses, Panama Pictures warms up the audience for the performance they are about to see. Without spoiling the experience of course. It is a crash course in dramaturgical analysis.

Lecturer Guido Jansen discusses the themes and strategies of the performance and gives examples of other makers of media and artworks that worked with similar ones. He shows how the makers designed their artworks and on which experiences and meanings they based their choices. So that the audience can look with a similar lens to the performance of tonight.

In addition, Guido introduces the audience to the (visual) approach of choreographer Pia Meuthen, the combination of dance and acrobatics, the unique movement language – all the aspects that make the performances of Panama Pictures so special and stand out.

The Lecture for the Senses is not your normal introduction. With plenty of visual, auditive and moving examples, it warms up the senses of the audience to experience the performance in different ways. They learn how to see more and different details. It strengthens the audience confidence to making connections between the theme of the performance and what they see and feel.

The Lecture for the Senses is accessible, but not without depth. Guido Jansen knows how to explain fairly complex concepts in an understandable way and provides plenty examples, so that the senses are already being ‘trained’.

For more information about the lecture, please contact us: marketing@panamapictures.nl.