Pia Meuthen (artistic director) and Ellen Blom (interim business director) manage the company.

Marc van Doornewaard is responsible for marketing and communication, assisted by Elke van Berkom.

The coordination of the education regarding the amateur field is in the hands of Lisa Dammiaans.

Renske Versteeg is responsible for the financial administration.

On the floor, production manager Joost van Pagée and head of the team of technicians Bart Verzellenberg are indispensable. The technical team also consists of Simon van Beek, Erik-Jan Dodd, Bodette Riedijk, Leon van Egmond and Jeroen de Goei.

The national sales for the theater circuit is done by Bureau Berbee. The remaining sales are in the hands of Ellen Blom.

Panama Pictures also has an artistic team consisting of professionals from various disciplines: composers Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk, dramaturge Angelique Willkie, assistant choreography and trainer Miquel de Jong, costume designer Sanne Reichert, lighting designer Bart Verzellenberg and scenographer Sammy van den Heuvel.