From 2021 onwards, we will invite a number of young makers to join our company as ‘associated artists’ for a period of two years.

The young circus/dance company Teatime Company and circus maker/composer/ performer Julian Vogel were chosen for the first period.

In customized projects we assist them on an artistic and organizational level. Our entire artistic team is available to advise and give feedback in the field of dramaturgy, movement language, composition, decor, costume and lighting design.

In addition, ‘associated artists’ can spar with the business leader and marketing employee about sales, network building and the right marketing choices. They can rehearse in our studio and invite the work field and audience for presentations and viewings.

We reserve the right to scout talents and deliberately don’t work with enrollment based on plans. Determining factors in the selection are working on the crossing border between circus and dance, the need to develop their own movement language and the desire to do research in collaboration with the artistic team of Panama Pictures.