The artistic team has a crucial place in the work of our company.

For more than fifteen years Pia Meuthen has worked successfully with composers Strijbos & van Rijswijk, costume designer Sanne Reichert, dramaturge Angelique Willkie and assistant choreography & trainer Miquel de Jong.

In 2017 scenographer Sammy van den Heuvel joined the artistic team. With his background in architecture, he is the ideal partner to give direction to the new development towards large architectural decors that determine the physicality of the performers.

Bart Verzellenberg has been able to develop into a promising lighting designer within the company in recent years.

More than just a team of employees, they are inspiring artists who put their autonomous world of ideas at the service of joint production to create a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, in which the disciplines merge and reinforce each other. Co-creation is a key concept in the collaboration.